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💕 Spring Sale 10% OFF! Code: 'MBH1023W' 💕 ENDS July 1st
💕 Spring Sale 10% OFF! Code: 'MBH1023W' 💕 ENDS July 1st

Capricorn Neon Mini

Save 50%
Original price £59.95
Current price £29.95

Size: 20x20cm

Colour: Cozy Warm White

Stand, Dimmer and Plug with 3m cable included

Embrace your zodiac sign with our handcrafted Capricorn Zodiac Neon Sign, designed to capture your practical and ambitious spirit, and add a touch of personalised magic to your space.

As a Capricorn, known for your disciplined and goal-oriented nature, our Capricorn Zodiac Neon Sign is the perfect way to showcase your unique personality.

The sleek and compact design seamlessly fits into any room, and the free dimmer allows you to create the ideal ambiance for your focused endeavours, professional gatherings, or moments of contemplation, adding a touch of sophistication to your space.