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⚡️ FLASH SALE ⚡️ 10% OFF CUSTOM NEON SIGNS 🤑 Ends Midnight Monday ⏳
⚡️ FLASH SALE ⚡️ 10% OFF CUSTOM NEON SIGNS 🤑 Ends Midnight Monday ⏳

Fast Mount Kit

  • Renter friendly adhesive pads in various pack sizes
  • No-tool mounting kit
  • Transparent
  • Fits pre-drilled holes in the sign

Introducing our adhesive pads, the perfect solution for mounting neon signs without the need for any tools or causing permanent damage to your walls.

 Our adhesive pads are made with a strong, durable adhesive that ensures your neon sign stays securely in place. Each pad is designed with a peel-and-stick backing that fits the pre-drilled mounting holes on your sign and makes installation quick and easy.

 Our adhesive pads are compatible with a variety of surfaces, including painted walls, wood, glass, and metal. This makes them versatile enough to use in a range of settings, including rented properties, offices, shops, trade shows and restaurants.

Our adhesive pads are available in packs of varying sizes, so you can choose the right quantity to suit your needs. Plus, they are affordable and offer a cost-effective alternative to more traditional mounting methods.

Buy our adhesive pads today and enjoy the convenience and flexibility of temporary neon sign mounting without any hassle or damage to your walls.