Neon Ghost
October 31, 2023

Neon Filter's Spooky Soiree: Halloween Shenanigans with a Splash of Fancy Dress

Boo! Or should I say, "Glow"? It's Halloween and in our world, it's not just a holiday; it's practically a neon-lit extravaganza! Picture this: a bunch of adults dressed in fancy costumes that are either absolutely amazing or just plain bewildering, and you've got yourself one heck of a day at work.


First off, let's talk costumes. You'd think our colleagues' fashion sense took a backseat, but nope! We had James dressed as The Flash — in a suit one size too small, evidently attempting to prove that superheroes indeed have their fashion faux pas moments. His heroic efforts to fit into that snug suit were nothing short of admirable. We did have to remind him, though, that even speedsters need room to breathe. But hey, at least he won the prize for the most ambitious costume, and we're pretty sure he's considering a career in elastic fashion design now!

Halloween at Neon Filter

Kerri our marketing guru, who arrived at the office dressed as Dr. Fear. With her lab coat, wild hair, and a mysterious briefcase containing an assortment of peculiar "cures" and gadgets, Kerri embodied the enigmatic persona of a mad scientist. She even concocted a "fear serum" (really just a mix of sparkling fruit punch), playfully claiming it would unleash their deepest phobias. 


But the pièce de résistance had to be Dan, who sported a 1990s Dwayne Johnson-inspired outfit that was nothing short of epic. Decked out in a form-fitting turtleneck and an abundance of gold chains, Dan channeled the vintage charisma of "The Rock" from his wrestling days. With an impeccable eyebrow raise and an unmistakable swagger, Dan had us all reminiscing about the glory days of '90s wrestling, and we half-expected him to pull off a Stone Cold Stunner at any moment. It was a hilarious homage to the era of attitude and athleticism, and Dan’s larger-than-life persona brought an extra dose of fun and nostalgia to our Halloween celebration. 


And who can forget Leafy, our operations manager, who showed up as Annie. With a head of wild, curly red hair and a cute, frilly dress straight out of the iconic movie, Leafy embodied the spunky spirit of the beloved orphan. Leafy's portrayal of Annie was so convincing that for a moment, we half-expected her to burst into a heartfelt rendition of "Tomorrow" during our team photo. Her costume not only added a touch of nostalgia to the office but also brought an unexpected burst of cheer, reminding us that sometimes, you're never fully dressed without a smile.


Furthermore, it seems that Hollie was on a mission to explore both sides of the wizarding world, appearing as a Slytherin witch. Dressed in dark green robes adorned with a silver serpent, she had truly embraced the cunning and ambitious spirit of Slytherin House. With an air of mysterious charm, Hollie had us all wondering if she might be plotting some clever potions or secret alliances. 


Despite the quirks and questionable costume choices, our Halloween themed day at work was a blast, and we wouldn't have it any other way. After all, isn't Halloween the one night of the year when you can be whoever you want, even if that means dressing as an existential crisis / The Flash?


Until next year's costume conundrum, keep calm, stay weird, and let your neon spirit shine bright on Halloween night!